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You have a work project, you have an estimate made by a professional, you have confirmed it, the work has been done according to the rules and you are satisfied.

Of course, we know that this only happens in dreams, because the reality is quite different! Everything never goes according to plan. In the construction world, it is usually very difficult for the uninitiated to see things clearly.

The biggest difficulty is knowing who you can trust:
You should not confuse a good professional with a good salesman. What to do if there is a disagreement at the end of the project?
What should I do if I feel that the company has not responded to my request?
What are my rights and their obligations?

An expert evaluation is often the most effective friendly solution in case of a dispute. The analysis of the causal links, combined with a perfect technical study, constitute indisputable elements of proof to assert your rights and find a solution to the conflict.

Why should you call an expert ?

The building expert is a building professional. His experience in the construction field and his training make him an indispensable intermediary in the building industry. His role is to respond to the request of a customer, whether a private person or a professional, and generally following a damage occurrence or a dispute.

Trained in construction techniques, he is aware of the rules of the art and is able to appreciate if a work respects the standards, technical notices or DTU in force. His analytical skills and independence enable him to identify faults or technical errors and define the technical truth in the case of damage.

A expert can be consulted before, during or after a construction project, depending on the assignment required.

During the preparation phase of a project, acting as an assistant to the project owner, he can alert the client to the particular attention that needs to be paid to ensure that the work is carried out correctly. In permanent contact with the project manager and the owner, it ensures that the work is carried out according to the rules of the art, that the planned protocols are respected and that the project will be sustainable.

If there is any doubt about a work, the expert’s intervention during the construction phase can avoid major problems by preventing possible defects or non-conformities, avoiding future problems.

At the end of the construction phase, he can assist you during the acceptance of the work. His technical observations will enable you to notify any reservations that need to be removed.

In the event of a claim, his report defines the origin of the defects, the responsibilities, the possible solutions and is an essential support in the event of legal proceedings.

To get an idea, here are some statistics on the distribution of claims over the last 10 years:

Floor coverings and tiles
0 %
Roofs made of small elements
0 %
Joinery, doors and windows
0 %
Sanitary and equipment
0 %
0 %
0 %
User safety failures
0 %
Stability deficiencies
0 %
Watertightness defects
0 %
Aesthetic or functional defects

Who is concerned


-Advice and recommendations
-Visit and report prior to acceptance of work
-Pathology analysis
-Amicable expertise
-Expert appraisal of the insured
-Assistance to the owner
-Technical advice during legal proceedings


-Leak detection
-Inspection and water damage surveys
-Contradictory assessments
-Audits and technical analyses
-Diagnosis of facades and roofs
-Amicable expertise
-Insurance surveys
-Assistance for the acceptance of works

Construction companies

-Amicable expertise in case of disagreement with the client
-Technical support
-Advice and assistance during the convening of expert appraisals
-Expert appraisal and neighbourhood survey prior to works
-Support and advice during judicial appraisals
-Expert appraisal of insured persons

Examples of services


This service can have several objectives and take different forms. It is important to define the terms together. Depending on the field, you may want an expert opinion to corroborate a position or a full report which could be used in legal proceedings.



During a dispute, mediation can be facilitated by the expert. With his outside view, he can find the right arguments that will lead to an agreement. It is important to remember that legal proceedings are only possible after an amicable settlement has failed.


Searching for leaks

One of the missions of the expert can be to analyse and search for the causes of infiltration through the façade or roof. Indeed, this research, carried out independently, can help companies to adapt their services to repair the problem properly.


Technical analysis

The expert can carry out technical studies, establish reports with photos and give recommendations. Within the context of a purchase or sale project, for example, this analysis enables the identification of pathologies and the provision of proposed solutions.


Conformity check

Following the completion of works, one of the tasks of the expert may be to check the contractual conformity of the works. This can prevent future problems, and the opinion of an expert can be very helpful when dealing with a company.



Acting as an advisor or assistant for your work, the technical opinion will be a great help in avoiding major disappointments. The expert is an impartial building professional who will be able to guide you in your steps or procedures.

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